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Adoption Procedures

Most of the dogs coming into rescue are between 1 and 4 years of age. We keep detailed files on each dog and are careful to match the correct dog with you and your lifestyle. The majority are wonderfully well-adjusted and friendly dogs who love and want to be with people. These dogs form a strong bond to their new families after only a short period of adjustment.

Because we feel it is so important that the right dog go to the right home, during their stay with us, we make every effort to find out all facets of each dog's personality. You will be asked to fill out a detailed application that asks you what you are looking for in a dog. Your completed application will be carefully reviewed. You will be notified what dogs are currently being held in rescue. We will arrange a convenient time to come to your home to meet your whole family and to see where the Malamute will live. We are very protective of these dogs and want them to go to homes where they will be loved the remainder of their lives. This may be a commitment on your part of up to 10 to 12 years. We ask you to carefully think this over. These dogs should have had this type of commitment the first time around but didn't. Please be aware we are determined to make sure it happens this time. You should not adopt a Malamute or any dog on a whim. It must be a commitment that you and your family are willing to accept for the remainder of the dog's natural life.

You will be asked to sign a contract before adopting one of our dogs. It states that if you are not happy with the Malamute at any time in the future, we want him back! We will gladly refund your full adoption fee anytime in the first 45 days. All of our Malamutes are altered before placement. They also have been given all necessary shots (DHLPP), rabies, wormed, are heartworm negative and are already on heartworm preventative before being placed for adoption.

After reviewing all the facts, should you decide that you would really like a puppy; we will be happy to direct you to reputable Malamute breeders in this area. We cannot stress enough that if you want to purchase a puppy, you should purchase it from a quality Malamute breeder, NOT from a backyard breeder, a newspaper ad, a pet store, or at the side of the road. The reputable, knowledgeable breeders have litters available only occasionally and then only when they are improving their own lines. The breeder should be able to provide evidence that their dogs and their dogs ancestors are free of such inherited problems as canine hip dysplasia, chrondrodyplasia, bad temperament, eye problems, etc. The reliable breeder will continue to show concern and interest even after the sale of the puppy. He will make himself available to answer your questions and give advice. The "puppy producer's (backyard breeder, pet store) interest is over after they make the sale.

Remember GAMR is always available to help Malamute owners with the health and obedience questions; even if the Malamute is not from GAMR. We have owned and loved Malamutes for 20 years. Our goal is the welfare and ALL Malamutes, not just our rescue dogs.

In closing, please remember that most of our Malamutes come to us in good condition; but some do not. For some, treatment will take months and hundreds of dollars. Working strictly as volunteers with donations from local breeders and generous veterinarians, we are able to provide rehabilitation that other agencies cannot, such as heartworm treatment. You can understand why we take such great care in placing them in loving homes. Our adoption fee is $150, which is used to help the next Malamute coming into rescue. We know that the fee seems a bit high to some, but it is still a bargain price for a pure bred dog. Think about it. If you responded to a newspaper ad for a back yard breeder, the minimum price will be $350 with no guarantees. Then the average vet bill for the 1st year of a dog's life will run in the vicinity of $250 for all the puppy shots, rabies, heartworm tests, and fecal exams. That doesn't even included the cost of spaying or neutering. The average spay/neuter price tag tends to run $100 to $150 because of the size of these dogs. And finally, our dogs have been "test-owned". We know of any problems in advance, and therefore, owners are matched with dogs that are temperamentally and physically suitable.

If you think a rescued Malamute is exactly what you have been looking for, please call us or fill out our online application. Fill it out, answering all questions as fully as possible; and return it to us. After we have reviewed it, we will be in touch with you. Please remember, this is not an overnight process. If we do not have exactly the right Malamute for you at that time, be patient.....we usually receive several dogs a month.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs. Every Malamute we place is one less Malamute that is hungry, abused, abandoned or destroyed.

Still interested in adopting one of our dogs?

If you have any questions about this page, or you would like to contact GAMR. You can contact Meg Staton.