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GAMR Adoption Application

Please be sure to read the adoption procedures before filling out this application.

I have not read the adoption procedures.

First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
City State Zipcode
Home Phone (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
Work Phone (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
E-mail Address
Good time to call if we need to reach you.

Here are some necessary questions we need to have you answer as truthfully as possible. These questions will help us match you with the correct rescue dog.

How long have you lived at the above address?

Do you own your home?yesnoN/A
If so, which of the following?

Do you rent your home?yesnoN/A
If so, which of the following?

You only have to answer the next 3 questions, if you answered yes to the question about renting your home.

Does your lease allow pets?yesno
Landlord's Name?
Landlord's Phone Number

Do you have a fenced yard?yesno

You only have to answer the next 3 questions, if you answered yes to the question about the fenced yard.

How high is your fence at its lowest point?
Does your fence have holes?yesno
Can a dog dig out?yesno

Please check any of the following reasons for adopting a Malamute :

Family Pet
Hunting Dog
Child's Pet
Guard Dog for Business
Companion for Other Pet
Other, please elaborate in space provided.

Are you married or single?marriedsingle

Are you or your spouse presently employed?yesno

Are you over 18?yesno
If so, do you live with your parents?yesno

How many people live in your household?

Do all members know that you plan to adopt a dog?yesno

Who else will have regular contact with the dog?

What are your hobbies?

Hobbies of other members of the household?

What are the ages of the children in your household, if any?

Do any members of the household have allergies?yesno
If yes, please explain

Who will be responsible for the care of the new pet?

Will an adult be home during the day?yesnopart time

How many hours will the dog be left alone during the day on average?

Why are you interested in obtaining one of our Malamutes?

What books have you read on the Alaskan Malamute? dog training?

Have you ever owned a Malamute?yesno

Have you ever raised a puppy before?yesno

Do you have experience with "crate" training?yesno

Do you own a large dog crate?yesno

Are you willing to use "crate" training?yesno

Have you owned other dogs in the past? What breeds? If so, when did you have them and what happened to them? (please be specific)

Have you had a dog die on your premises of distemper, parvo, or unknown causes within the last 3 months?yesno

Do you own any pets at the present time?yesno
If so, please list animal's name(s), age, sex, breed, and whether spay/neuter.

Animals obtained through Rescue must be spayed/neutered. What are your feelings on this subject?

Do your pets live inside or outside?insideoutside
Are their shots up to date?yesno

Vet's Name
Vet's Phone (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Are you willing to go to the expense and trouble of taking your pet to a vet for full preventative and medical care?yesno

Are you aware that inoculations (shots) and routine preventative vet care typically cost around $100 per year?yesno

Where will the dog stay during the day?insideoutsideboth
Where will the dog stay at night?insideoutsideboth

What do you plan to do with your pet when you go on vacation?

If you have to move, what would you do with your pet?

How much time in hours would you be able to spend with the dog each day?

Would you be willing to take a Malamute you get from Georgia Alaska Malamute Rescue to a basic obedience class if it was recommended or required as being in the best interests of the dog and you?yesno

Would you be willing to allow a rescue member to visit your home by appointment?yesno

How did you hear about Georgia Alaskan Malamute Rescue?

Please use the space provided below to add any other information you wish us to consider in placing one of our Malamutes with you. We would appreciate it, if you would give us a little insight into the expectations you may have for this new addition to your family. Thank you again - your interest is deeply appreciated because every Malamute we can place is one less Malamute that is lost, hungry, abused, or destroyed.

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If you have any questions about this page, or you would like to contact GAMR. You can contact Meg Staton.

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